Ixo Collections 1:8 Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupé

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Ixo Collections 1:8 Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupé

The Mercedes 300 SL was the fastest car of its time. Thanks to its ingenious design and gullwing doors, it is considered to be the first “supercar” in the world.
The Mercedes 300 SL was a motoring legend from day one: with its eye-catching design and spectacular gullwing doors, but also thanks to several technical innovations and an extraordinary engine, it upset even the most enthusiastic.
Many fans of the Mercedes 300 SL considered it to be the first “supercar” in the world. It had the price tag. According to Mercedes, 1,400 examples were built. Each one cost an incredible 29,000 marks. In 1954, this sum was enough to buy a rather fancy yacht.
The speed of the 300 SL was unprecedented, much higher than that of any other road car: 240 km/h, when most of its contemporaries only reached half that figure.
But for such a price, the lucky owners weren’t just buying performance, because it was the design that made the 300 SL a masterpiece. The car was perfect from every angle, crowned by its unique blend of exclusivity and functionality, of which the extraordinary gullwing doors were the most unusual element. With this design, the 300 SL became the world’s first mass-produced sports car, even before the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and others.

Details of your 1:8 model: Officially licensed by Mercedes

– Length : 56,5 cm
– The gullwing doors, bonnet and boot open to reveal a realistic interior rich in detail.
– The headlights can be switched on via a control on the dashboard.
– The brake lights illuminate when the brake pedal is pressed.
– The steering works, the front wheels steer in line with the movement of the steering wheel.
– The engine is the same as the one in the original car.

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